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Our best-selling heatable soft toys that provide hours of comfort and
are loved by all ages. Warmies are gently scented with French lavender
that is known for its wonderful fragrance and calming characteristics.

Approx. Sizes - Plush (13")  Jrs. (9")

Triceratops Warmies ($28)
Warmies Blue Monster Plush ($28)
Brown Curly Bear Warmies ($28)
Warmies Mushroom Plush ($28)
Blue Crab Warmies ($28)
Warmies Plush Baby Girl ($28)
Eagle Warmies ($28)
Warmies Push Flamingo ($28)
Warmies Plush Black Bear ($26)
Warmies Golden Dog Jr. ($16)
Moose Warmies Juniorr ($16)
Chicken Warmies Juniorr ($16)
Sloth Junior Warmies ($16)
Warmies Jr. Hedgehog ($16)
Warmies Jr. Lamb ($15)
Elf Plush by Warmies ($23) SALE $18
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