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Graduation Gifts

Please check to see if your favorites are in stock. Here's a few ideas. 

Many more gifts in our store.

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Your Journey Prayer Bracelets ($32 each)
Cruella Tote  21x7x15  ($43)
Cruella Zipper Pouch Set ($23)
Open Tote Small Sunset Dreams ($23)
Prayer Journal In The Light ($23)
Stainless Large Bottle Sweeten the Day ($36)
Bible Cover Sweeten The Day ($29)
Prayer Journal Lay It All ($23)
Dreamy Affair Weekender Tote Bag ($58)
Nature's Delight Small Tote Bag ($44)2
Efflorescence Medium Tote Bag ($49)
Mystique Marvel Small Tote ($43)
Achromic Weekender Tote Bag ($62)
Offhand Weekender Tote ($58)
Chalky Weekender Tote Bag ($54)
Summarize Weekender Tote Bag ($54)
Winter Moon Tote Bag ($45)
Artisan Canvas Tote Bag ($46)
Snowy Weekender Tote Bag ($62)
Kate Spade Black Dots Nesting Boxes Set of 3 ($44)
Kate Spade Desk Gift Set, Black And White ($29.95)
Kate Spade Dot Pen Set with Acrylic Tray ($26.95)
Kate Spade Clipboard Folio Black & White Dots ($19.95)
Kate Spade Triple Notebook Set, Black And White ($14.95)
Kate Spade Address Book Polka Dot ($24.95)
Kate Spade Lunch Bag ($32.95)
Kate Spade Travel Jewelry Organizer ($40)
Stainless Large Bottle Setting Sun ($36)
Stainless Curved Tumbler Setting Sun ($34)
Stainless Large Bottle Cheetah Time ($36)
Stainless Curved Tumbler Cheetah Time ($34)
Small Town Girl Cap ($23)
Summer Garden Journal ($22)
Blue Watercolor Desk Set ($28)
Blue Watercolor Notebook Set ($15)
Blue Watercolor ClipFolio ($22)
Michell London Candles ($27)
Lilly Pulitzer Tumbler Suite Views  ($18.95)
Lilly Pulitzer Tumbler Golden Hour ($18.95)
Lilly Pulitzer Stainless Travel Mug Seaing Things ($26.95)
Lilly Pulitzer Stainless Travel Mug Golden Hour ($26.95)
Lilly Pulitzer Pocket Folder Set ($14.95)
Lilly Pulitzer To Do Planner ($26.95)
Lilly Pulitzer Pen Set ($16.95)
Lilly Pulitzer Journal with Pen High Maintenance ($22)
Charging Cord - Don't Be Jelly ($24.95)
AirPod Case Don't Be Jelly ($15.95)
Blue Tooth Speaker Suite Views ($34.95)
Passport Cover - Swizzle In ($24)
Market Tote - Totally Blossom ($16.95)
You Are Amazing Soap in Sponge
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