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Brighten your kitchen with a towel that makes you smile!!

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Merry Plaid Set of 3 Dishtowels ($26)
Cardinal Greenery Towels Set of 2 ($!8)
Peace Tree Tea Towels Set of 2 ($18)
Cracker Trees Dishtowel ($9.50)
Naughty List Friends List ($13)
Your Crazy is Hanging Out ($13)
Be Nice to Your Hairstylist Tea Towel ($13)
Roll My Eyes Out Loud ($13)
I'm glad we met when we were grown ups ($13)
Cleaning Fairy Tea Towel ($13)
Count to Three ($13)
Dog Mama ($15)
Marrakesh Dishtowels, Set of 3 ($21)
Honey Bee Plaid Towels Set of 2 ($16)
Berry Salad Dishtowel Set of 2 in Crate ($18)
Sunshine Plaid Dishtowels Set of 2 ($14)
Sunflower Dishtowel Set of 2 ($18)
Agnetha Towels Set of 2 ($21)
Football Fever Tea Towels Set of 2 ($16) 20% Off
Home Is Where Your Honey Is Towel ($9.50)
Flowers Towel ($13)
Ladies & Daisies Dishtowel ($9)
Beach Chair Red Summer Bliss Dishtowel ($12)
All You Need is Love ($13)
Three Balloon Heart Dish Towel ($13)
Sunflower Scarecrow Tea Towel ($12)
Happy Fall Wagon Flour Sack Towel ($14)
Pumpkin Crate Flour Sack Tea Towel ($12)
Haunted House Flour Sack Towel ($13)
Witch Pail Flour Sack Tea Towel ($12)
Halloween Chair Flour Sack Tea Towel ($12)
Candy Corn Crazy Towel ($8)
Witchful Thinking Embellished Dishtowels ($11 each) Hocus Pocus sold out
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