Celebration Registries

Cozy Corner provides our customers the services of Graduation, Wedding and Baby Registries. 

Celebrate with . . .

          Wedding Registries:

      Madeline Pedigo and Mason Cowles             
Rachel Henderson and Grant Harvey         

Kelsey Ezell and Kevin Jamieson     
Jessi Eaton and John Proffitt

   Ashley Cummings and Cody Fleming        

              Baby Registries:

Shelby and Robert Coates       

Jessica and Terry Vaughn      

 We will help you create a personalized list of gifts you have specifically chosen. Your registry makes gift-giving easier when friends and family come in to select a celebration gift for you. They appreciate knowing that what they selected is something you want.

 If you live a distance away but would still like to register, especially if a shower in your honor will be held in this area, please give us a call and we'll help you complete your registry:


Engaged couples and parents to be are invited to stop by anytime to complete their personalized gift registry. 

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