Keepsake Gift Box Set ($43)
Available in Yellow Giraffe, Grey Whale, Blue Elephant, Rose Elephant and Grey Zebra.
Elephant Booties 6-9M ($22)
Monkey Booties 6-9M ($22)
Lion Booties 6-9M ($22)
Bamboo Bicycle Dress with Bloomers ($43)
3-6M, 6-12M, 12-18M
Milkbarn Blue Bird Dress with Bloomers ($36)
Available in 3-6M and 6-12M
Bamboo Water Lily Dress with Bloomers ($43)
3-6M, 6-12M, 12-18M
Bamboo One Piece Water Lily ($25)
3-6M, 6-12M, 12-18M
Rose Floral Dress and Bloomers 12-18M ($34.90)
Milkbarn Rose Floral Dress with Leggings ($34.90)
Size 3-6M and 6-12M
Milkbarn Footed Rose Floral 3-6M ($28.75)
Milkbarn Mini Lovey Rose Floral ($18.50)
On The Move Pig Kneezies ($10)
Blue Whale Romper ($27)
3-6M, 6-12M
Bamboo Orange Fox One Piece ($25)
3-6M, 6-12M, 12-18M
Milkbarn One Piece Short Sleeve 6-12M ($25)
Giraffe One Piece ($25)
Available in 12-18M
3 PC Car Truck Set - Onesie, Pant and Cap ($36)
Cars Truck Blanket & Bib Gift Set ($30)
3 PC Floral Set - Onesie, Pant and Cap ($36)
Floral Blanket & Bib Gift Set ($30)
Snap Shirt - Playful Posies ($16)
3-6M and 6-12M
Cap and Sock Set - Pink Posies ($14)
Snapshirt - Blue Stripe Whales ($16)
3-6M and 6-12M
Pink Mini Me Snap Shirt ($12)
Peas and Carrots - Twins Snap Shirts ($15)
Hello World Baby Pink Cap and Swaddle Blanket ($32.50)
Chicken Applique One Piece 3-6M ($25)
Milkbarn Grey Pinstripe Ruffle Bloomers 6-12M ($22)
Long Sleeve One-Piece Bunny 12-18M ($24)
Headband Sold Out
Milkbarn Pear Shortall 3-6M and 12-18M ($29.50)
Cap and Sock Set - Transportation ($14)
Activity Bib - Lion ($27)
Sleepytime Sack - Blue Elephant ($19)
Sleepytime Sack - Pink Elephant ($19)
Sleepytime Sack - Grey Elephant ($19)

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