Love, Family and your Heart all grows as a little one is welcomed into the world. Celebrate a new life with a sweet gift from Cozy Corner.

Porcelain Sheep Night Light ($18)
Sweet Baby Heart Frame ($26)
Pride and Joy Heart Frame ($26)
Mom Boss Window Pane ($34)
Mom Boss Floral Stripe ($34)
Mom Boss Peach Floral ($34)
Mom Boss Black and White Stripe ($34)
Itzy Ritzy Floral Milestone Cards ($22)
Itzy Ritzy Woodland Milestone Cards ($22)
Temporarily Out of Stock
White Deluxe+ Dock-a-Tot ($175)
Also available in Mariniere and Signature Grey $195
Dock-a-Tot Deluxe+ Signature Grey ($195)
Pink Boo Bunny ($12)
Blue Boo Bunny ($12)
Cutie Cocoon Dot Dot Dash ($22)
Cutie Cocoon Peach Floral ($22)
Blue Piggy Bank ($21)
Polka Dot Piggy Bank - Blue and Green ($33)
Polka Dot Piggy Bank - Pink and Green ($33)
Polka Dot Piggy Bank - Pink and Gray ($33)
Piglet Putty Nursery Blanket ($19)
EzPz Pewter Tiny Bowl ($17.50)
EzPz Mini Bowl - Cream ($20)
EzPz Mini Bowl - Sage ($20)
EzPz Mini Mat - Aqua ($22)
EzPz Tiny Spoons Set of 2 - Coral ($17.50)
EzPz Mini Mat - Coral ($22)
EzPz Tiny Spoons Set of 2 - Blue ($17.50)
EzPz Mini Mat - Blue ($22)
Rattle Blanket ($19)
Sloth, Fox, Unicorn, Bunny, Elephant, Cow, Dog
Variety of gifts for Boys
Light of Mine Lamb $22.95
BLue Sleepy Sack $19
Transportation Cap and Sock Set $14
Mom Boss $34
Milestone Cards Woodland $22
Blue Piggy Bank $21
Blue Tiny Spoons $17.50
Cutie Cocoon Dot Dot Dash $22
Navy Swaddle $13.50
Variety of Gifts for Girls
Magical Garden Photo Blanket $29
Mom Boss Peach Floral or Floral Stripe $34
Pink Sleepy Sack $19
Posies Cap and Sock Set $14
Sheep Porcelain Night Light $18
Boo Bunny $12
Evie Teething Ring $12
Farrah Flamingo $22

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